May 2017 Minutes

PCST Board Topics – May 2017 Meeting


Mission Statement:

The Pebble Creek Swim Team’s mission is to bring the community together in a fun, friendly, athletic, and competitive atmosphere to promote youth swimming, provide opportunities for swimmers to improve their skills, and encourage neighbors to socialize.





Agenda Topics

  1. Apr 2017 Meeting Minutes
  1. Approved to post
  • Board Responsibilities:
    • . Team Events: Ryan & Shad agreed to facilitate team events & pre-season party
  • Upcoming / Current Events
  1. Registration Update: 70 paid swimmers, marketing efforts will continue for the next few weeks, David will reach out to Holly to see what we can do to continue to promote registration and make people aware that the end date is May 31st.
  2. Registration Fees to GRAL: $7 per swimmer, Christy will take check with correct amount of swimmers by June 5
  3. GRAL Meetings
  4. Coaches – Jun 3 at 1 pm, Dominion Club (1 coach, all new coaches): Christy sent GRAL email to coaches and board. David will touch base with Morgan to see who will attend coaches meeting
  5. Computer Reps – Jun 3 at 2 pm, Dominion Club: incorrect/computer training for coaches/morgan doesn’t need to go and they don’t need anything
  • Parent Reps – Jun 3 at 3 pm, Dominion Club (new reps): New Kent reps must go
  1. First Practice: May 24/Morgan is getting prepared
  2. Spirit Nights: Jen did an update on this/1 new night added
  3. Pre Season Party:
  4. June 2
  5. popcorn/pizza/games/after practice/Ryan will get with Jen on what the budget is for the party
  6. Blue Orange Meet w/ Honey Meadow:
  7. June 11
  8. Brian will plan for concessions: hotdogs, candy, snacks, drinks
  • Will need a few people to help with cash/in the past we get volunteers the day of
  • Events to Plan
    1. Parent Morning Swims:
  1. Before morning practices at 6:30 am/$1 minimum donation to coach/will get more information from people who participated in the past before moving with planning this
  2. See Coaches Report #11 for Morgan’s feedback
    1. Swim Clinics
  • First Meet Preparations:
  1. Concession themes: Brian sending email with planned menu
  2. June 16: BBQ, shredded pork, slaw, BBQ chicken, burger, hotdogs
  3. June 28: All American: watermelon, pasta salad, hotdogs, burgers, baked beans
  • July 12: Caribbean night: grilled pineapple, jerk chicken, rice, pineapple chicken skewers, burgers, hotdogs
  1. Theme menu items available on a first come first serve basis
  2. 4:30-7/6:30-9: concessions shift time/Christy will change
  3. 6-9 concessions open
  • Grill people there: Christy will direct grill people to Brian for instructions
  1. Marketing/Promotion: Brian will let Holly know themes so she can promote in the community
  2. Equipment/Set Up:
  3. Jason not present to discuss/Ryan will get with Jason to see what needs to be done for set up for the first meet
  4. Ryan is the Meet Director for the first meet. If there is a weather delay Ryan would be involved and tell people what to do for take down/already has a whole set up team
  5. Officials: Christy reported we are great on officials
  6. Volunteers: Jenny will be head table workers. Light on head timers. Christy asked David to send a note in the presidents email update asking people to sign up for more shifts. No volunteers for breakdown/Christy thinking break it up by thirds with last name
  7. Other items:
  8. no rain date set yet/possibly come in early Saturday/Sunday mornings/can’t go into Monday’s/David told they can’t have pool on weekend hours, would have to meet before pool opens at 10am.
  9. decline in registration #’s, not in volunteers
  • Open House Debrief: Kona ice $150 sold, no music or projector going to get people excited about it, Squirrels tickets didn’t sell, hold Open House earlier next year
  • Corn Hole Debrief:
  1. 42 people present/8 teams
  2. No one knew there was going to be food there
  3. next year schedule before lunch: $50 registration to include meal
  4. GRAL Updates
  5. Swimmer Exemptions Due Jun 2
  6. Signed SwimRVA contract through 2020, Champs will continue through 2020, Fredricksburg facility only has 8 lanes, Christy went there today and said it was just ok.
  7. Official training underway, sessions scheduled thru early Jun: Pebble Creek officials present
  8. First meet dates range from Jun 11 to Jun 16, many opportunities for official to walk:
  9. Christy facilitating bylaws committee: Christy volunteered
  10. Treasurer’s Report: Jen emailed report, $4273 in checking/made $300 in cornhole/spirit wear is helping, expenses include workers comp, sponsorships look good, sprirt night at Riverbound $330, send Jen t-shirt size for board shirt
  11. Marketing Report
  12. Coach’s Report:
    1. Morgan requested parent morning swims to start at 6:45 and would like sign up so she knows how many people will be there/In the past you would just show up and sign up on sheet, no advance notice was needed.
    2. $1 a day fee, morning practices wouldn’t start until June 19/ Morgan wasn’t sure of dates for swim clinics waiting for hospital schedule
    3. CIT meeting after open house and has 6-7 CIT show up/she has 13-14 interested/ looking to get schedule out this week for CIT.
  13. Round Table / Other Business: chad: Open season party in a week


2017 Calendar


  • Feb 13 – GRAL Team Fee Due (Paid)
  • Apr 3 to May 31 – Swimmer Online Registration Period
  • May 10 – Riverbound Spirit Night
  • May 17 – Swim Team Open House  / On Site Registration
  • May 21 –  Corn Hole Tournament
  • May 24 – Practice Start
  • Jun 2 – Meet The Board / Coaches Meeting & PreSeason Party
  • Jun 5 – GRAL Swimmer Registrations Due
  • Jun 6 – Riverbound Spirit Day
  • Jun 11 – Blue / Orange Meet (w/ Honey Meadows?)
  • Jun 16 – Meet 1 (Home vs Old Church)
  • Jun 21 – Meet 2 (@ Rockville)
  • Jun 28 – Meet 3 (Home vs. Raintree)
  • Jul 5 – Meet 4 (@ Tuckahoe Village Dolphin Club)
  • Jul 7 – Midnight Madness
  • Jul 10 – Buffalo Wild WIngs Spirit Night (5-9 pm)
  • Jul 12 – Meet 5 (Home vs Atlee)
  • TBD – Team Fun Event (need to work w/ coaches)
  • Jul 18 – Meet 6 (@ Fox Hall)
  • Jul 21 – End Season Party / Recognitions (confirmed)
  • Jul 28 – Champs Breakfast
  • Jul 29 to Jul 30 – Champs @ SwimRVA


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