June 2018 President’s Message

Thank you to all who came to the blue/orange practice meet!  Sorry we did not actually get to swim! This is the first blue/ orange we did not swim in many years!

During the parent information meeting, there was a lot of items talked about. I have summarized below.

First meet is Thursday!  Reminder: Let’s be great supportive team mates and hosts!  Last year Pebble Creek won a sportsmanship award! Let’s go for 2 years in a row!!

Please reach out if there are any questions!!

Thanks so much!

PCST President

Meet Fun Facts:

Swimmer Letter:

Each meet, a letter will be sent with important information regarding check in time, meet information, location, parking, etc. Please pay close attention to the times. Please DO NOT check in prior to the time stated.  At home meets, check in time starts at 430PM.   If you are going to be late to a meet for whatever reason, please TEXT CHRISTY. Information will be found in the parent letter sent the week of the meet.

If you arrive BEFORE check in time for home meets, plan on helping 😊  There is a lot of work that goes into home meets and there are a lot of volunteers that get to the pool early.

Check IN:

When your child checks in, your child will receive a card. The card will have information regarding which EVENT they are swimming. If your child is NOT dive certified, your child will also receive a X or O on their shoulder. This is to signify how your child should start based on this certification. If your child receives no writing on their shoulder, they are going off the blocks!

If your child did not receive their Piranhas cap, they will receive during check in!


You may WRITE your child’s event numbers on their HAND ONLY. There should be no other writing on your child besides their hand and if they have a dive restriction. This is a rule that has been around for awhile, but bears repeating.


Items to consider at a swim meet:

Sharpie, towels, sweatshirt, water, snack, money for concession!


Parent Rep:

During the meet, if there is an issue that comes up, please see the PARENT REP, not the coach. For example, if a child needs to leave early and did not notify the coach prior to the meet, notify the parent rep. If there is an issue that arises during a meet, notify the PARENT REP.  The Parent Rep is there to handle any issue that you may have.  Our Parent Rep is Laura Cooper.


Warm-ups is an opportunity for your child to 1. Dive off the blocks/ side to get use to the pool (especially at away meets) 2. Count back stroke flags for those children who are swimming backstroke.    Please listen to the coaches as they will do 8 and under and 9 and up separately during our warm up times.


8 and under relays are the FIRST event of the meet!  Please, if you have an 8 and under, DO NOT LET THEM WANDER after warm ups/coaches meeting. The kids will be gathered after that and taken to the clerk of the course.

9 and up Relays will be posted about event 26 in the meet. They are on the Relay boards hanging up. DO NOT LEAVE until you have checked the board.

Clerk/ Blocks

Clerk of the course for home meets is located at the diving well of the pool. The announcer will call the event numbers and if your child is swimming they will make their way over there. PLEASE ONLY THE CHILD come, not all their friends and relatives. Parents may bring their child to clerk as well, just not everyone come.  There is a lot of people at clerk!!  If parents want to take a pic, please stand behind the ropes.

The children will make their way from behind the diving well to behind the blocks. There should be NO PARENTS behind the blocks at any point in the meet except authorized individuals (clerk, ref, starter, timer, head timer).  Please make sure we keep this area cleared.

When at Clerk, it is important for your child to listen for their name.  The child will be assigned a number. That number corresponds to the lane they will be swimming in during their heat.

When your child gets behind the blocks, they will be asked their name again by the timer. This is just to ensure Sally is not swimming for Molly and vice versa!

Concessions will be available during home meets. We will have a theme such as Southern BBQ plus a regular assortment consisting of hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, etc. Cash or credit card will be accepted.  Our very own Chef Brian creates the menu each home meet and does a wonderful job!

Also, we will have Kona Ice at our home meets. 20% of all sales go back to the swim team!

Available this year at concessions in addition to food: Goggles, straps and spirit wear!

Pool Rules:

Pool rules should be followed at all meets. This includes running. Pools WILL NOT be opened during the swim meet for ‘cooling off’ or swim time. This includes the baby pool. Please come prepared for the warmth 😊


In the event of weather, delay, rain, thunder, etc, please LISTEN to the announcer if we are already at the pool and the meet or warm ups have started or adhere to the text messages if there is a delay prior to us being on deck.  If we must clear the pool area, PLEASE DO NOT go into the clubhouse. The outside veranda area is OK, but it does get crowded. Text messages will be the primary communication during these times so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE TEXTs.


Ribbons for the meet will be handed out the practice AFTER the meet occurs. For example, most of our meets areWednesday, we will do ribbons on Thursday.  More information will come out about ribbons night in the ‘whats coming up’ additions that occur weekly.

Heat Ribbons are handed out at our home meets and some away pools also do these ribbons. These ribbons are for individuals who win their heat, not necessarily their event.
Event is the stroke, age group, gender specific event. Example: Girls 8 and under 25 Freestyle. The Heat is which number you are in when there are more people participating than the number of lanes. Example: 12 girls compete in the 25 Freestyle, at our HOME POOL, we will have 2 heats since we have 8 lanes. Heat numbers that are higher in number are usually your faster swimmers.


It takes a lot of volunteering, especially AT HOME, to run a meet. If you have not signed up, please do so!! Your help is much appreciated in this matter!

Practice will continue in the EVENING ONLY this week June 10, 2018 thru June 13.

Practice will be your CHOICE starting next week June 18th.  You may choose morning or evening practice. Morning practice is preferred as there is only us at the pool but understand that that may not be feasible for all.

Practice Times starting June 18:
AM (Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri)

8 & under – 7:30 to 8:15 a.m.
9-12 – 8 to 9 a.m.
13 & older -8:45 to 9:45 a.m

PM: (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

10 and under: 615 to 7pm

11 and up: 7pm to 8pm

Adult Swim:
For those adults who want to do summer swim team as well, that will be offered by our very own Coach Jordan. Practices are 630am to 730am Mon, Tues and Fri. Cost is $40.

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