July 2017 President’s Message

Pebble Creek Swim Team Members,

Did you enjoyed this season?   Please, share any memories that you had this season.   

This is my final update.     It has been my pleasure and a privilege to have been your president for the past 2 seasons.    Hopefully, the changes that the boards and I made during my term you saw a positive for you, the members, which include the swimmers and their parents.    After working with Jen Colley over the past couple years, you could not have a better person stepping into the president’s position.    Jen is passionate about the swim team and works hard to support you, the members.    She has a awesome team of board members who I forsee doing great things moving forward.   Next season’s board members are shown below.


Board Opening Member
President Jen Colley
Vice President Shad Gilley
Treasurer Mark DeBruhl
Secretary Mike Hill
Parent Rep Laura Cooper
Meet Manager Ryan Hunt
Member At Large Hollie Cammarasana
Member At Large Jill Henderson
Member At Large Emily Huelette
Team Manager * Christy Evanko
Concession Manager * Brian Cooper
* Non voting member


As I wind down my term, I want to thank all the parents for their support over the past couple years.    The suggestions that you shared, the volunteer time that you contributed, the support that you provided your swimmers make the swim seasons successful.    Thank you!

During my term, the focus was living to our mission statement   

The Pebble Creek Swim Team’s mission is to bring the community together in a fun, friendly, athletic, and competitive atmosphere to promote youth swimming, provide opportunities for swimmers to improve their skills, and encourage neighbors to socialize.


From what I have heard and seen, I believe we did a good job bringing the community together (through the events, on site vendors and fundraisers, not to mention the swim meets), creating a fun, friendly environment (through swimming under the stars, themed concession nights – great idea Brian Cooper, fun with coaches, which Shad Gilley and Ryan Hunt did an exceptional job coming up with new fun ways for coaches fun after ribbons),  providing an athletic, competitive environment for the swimmers (through our hired coaches, improved swimmer times, mini-mite successes, and competitive swim meets).     In addition to living to our mission, another area of focus during my term was becoming more transparent and providing opportunities for members to provide input, which I feel was accomplished through these president messages, enhanced and more frequent communications via social media (which Emily Depersis did an outstanding job last year and Hollie Cammarasana did this past season).   While I see we did some great things during my term, I realize there are a few things that we did not accomplish which would have made the experience better for our members, e.g. parent swims and swimmer outing.    I have shared some thoughts on how the next board could address these other opportunities, so possibly next season these other ideas can be incorporated into the swim team experience.

I want to thank the board members that I had the pleasure to partner with these past few seasons, not the mention the time, effort, and ideas that they shared.    Thank you, all!

As I wrap up this final update, I want to congratulate our coaches and swimmers on a fantastic season.   While our record was not that impressive,  I saw swimmers that competed, had fun and exhibited the qualities that you want to see in a swim team.     I want to congratulate the swimmers that qualified for Champs, a great accomplishment (see list below) and those that were invited to participate at Champs, a testament to your efforts this season (see the list below).     To cap off how great a season it was the team won a couple awards at Champs.    One was the Champs video (good job swimmers, coaches and Christy), which was a I was told the 2nd year in a row PCST won the honor.   In addition, the team won the Len Everett Sportsmanship Award for Division III, an award the team should be extremely proud as it signifies the quality of our swimmers.    Congratulations team!

Champs Qualifying Swimmers

  • Britt Bessette
  • Morgan Boyle
  • Tyler Carneal
  • Stephen Depersis
  • Tyler Donachy
  • Cooper Early
  • Ryan Griffiths
  • Jayden Hill
  • Mason Hill
  • Tyler Hill
  • Ryane Owens
  • Jack Pendlebury
  • Kenzie Strohhacker
  • Jude Volles
  • Maddie Fogg
  • Chris Gilley
  • Sam Patterson

Swimmers Invited to Participate at Champs

  • Kenzie Cooper
  • Cora Green
  • Lilly Trace
  • Riley Hayden
  • Reagan Strohhacker
  • Jordan DeBruhl
  • Ethan Hunt
  • Meredith Forrest
  • Ella Evanko
  • Alyssa Sklar

I wish everyone a great rest of the summer and look forward to next season!    Thanks again for your support!  

David Trace

Past PCST Board President


Below is some statistics that GRAL President shared to GRAL board members, which you may find interesting.   Note, these stats were sent out prior to Champs and there were GRAL records set at Champs that are not reflected in the following stats.  


Judging by the following statistics, many teams, and the LEAGUE, had a great year by the standards we just mentioned. In keeping with tradition, I will share some stats from the year…

  • 3794 swimmers registered to swim this year, 90 more than last year!
  • 863 swimmers qualified for CHAMPS, 48 more than last year!
  • 33 GRAL records were broken this year, 2 more than last year and by 2 fewer swimmers (15)
  • Meets were a bit slower this year, probably due to all the growth. The shortest meet ended at 8:31 (and it wasn’t D4), while the longest was completed by 11:17pm.

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